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Dhiiyaan and Another Life Apps – Out Now!

The interactive books tell the story of all the kinship carers out there, lovingly & gently parenting again. The books provide an amazing interactive reading experience for Kinship Carers, grandparents and their children. You will spend hours sharing your journey with your children through its beautiful story line, fascinating animated scenes and engaging interactions.

  • Top Reading app for Grandparents, kinship carers to share with their kids
  • This is a totally new reading experience, the books have beautiful animation with a rich narrative on each page
  • Automatically reads each page to you and allows you to control the reading
  • Enjoy the Original music, sound effects, interactive and animated features
  • Narration by Kinship carers for kinship carers
  • These remarkable stories to come to life and gives opportunity to grandparents & kinship carers to engage in open conversations with their children

Apps available to download on iTunes

Understanding Contact

Understanding Restoration

"Long Term Foster Care for Abused and Neglected Children: How Foster Parents can help in Healing the Trauma" by Toni Single
View PDF here

NSW Commission for Children & Young People, Middle Years of Childhood
Seminar 1: Physical Development
View Webcast Here

Middle Years of Childhood Seminar 2: Social and Emotional Development
View Webcast Here

Middle Years of Childhood seminar 3: Contemporary Risks
View Webcast Here

Australian Childhood Protection


Australian Childhood Protection Education and Training

Australian Childhood Protection Resource: A Home away from home. Children’s stories about foster care
View PDF

Australian Childhood Protection Resource: Heart Felt a collection of children’s experiences and stories of abuse, recovery and hope
View PDF

Australian Childhood Protection Resource: Making Space for learning. Trauma informed practice in Schools
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